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Realize Your True Striking Potential & Stop Hitting Plateaus!

Follow an Optimized Progression using Focused, High-IQ Training. Maximize Striking Potential with Legendary Fundamentals, Tactics & Science.

If you’re reading this, then you’re here. And if you’re here, it's clear that you're interested in more than just training hard and barely improving. 

You're interested in scientifically-proven methods of technical progression.

You're looking for a complete, logical system to strike like your favorite combat sports legends.

We’re not just talking about showing you how it’s done. We’re talking about learning in a way that will allow you to actually model it.

Legendary Fundamentals

Learn about striking in ways you’ve never experienced or even imagined possible. Scaffold what you learn, piece by piece, until you’ve transformed your own art of war. Tangible progress will be demonstrated by strikers of all levels.

Legendary Tactical Striking

This course features elite strikers demonstrating tactics in a systematic manner. Every section links to another, including in-depth essays and complex combat concepts beautifully expressed and meticulously organized.

Legendary Sports Science

All knowledge presented in this course is connected to training methodologies developed across all disciplines of sport science. Unlock the most cutting-edge scientific techniques for striking advancement known to man.

"Lawrence Kenshin is a striking genius. I am a big fan of his videos and analysis. He understands the nuances and intricacies of striking completely. And he breaks everything down in a simple, clean, and effective manner. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will always learn something new from his videos."

Chatri Sityodtong - The Most Influential Martial Artist in Asia
Founder of ONE Championship and the Premier Evolve MMA Camp

"Lawrence Kenshin is an amazing analyst... that guy is such a treasure and what he does is so important... He does a fantastic job of breaking down fights. If you're a fan of striking, and you want to understand it better, watch Lawrence's stuff... He really deserves a lot of credit for his work, I love watching his breakdowns!"

Joe Rogan - Martial Arts Ambassador
UFC Commentator, Taekwondo Champion, BJJ Black Belt, Host of The Joe Rogan Experience

"Lawrence Kenshin's videos are very good... If you're just watching a fight, you may think that these things done in the ring by myself or other Thai fighters are impossible to replicate. It's great to have all the moves I do in a fight actually slowed down and analyzed. In a Muay Thai fight, so much is happening that if you watch it in real time, it could just pass by without you really understanding what is going on, but by dissecting parts of the fight and with practice, you would be able to learn and emulate my moves more easily."

Saenchai - The Pound for Pound King of Muay Thai
13x World Champion, 5x Lumpinee Stadium Champion, 2x Fighter of the year

"Lawrence Kenshin is good, when my fights are in slow motion, you can understand how my knockouts are executed. Giving people a clearer picture and more in-depth knowledge about the sport is always going to be a good thing."

Buakaw - The Superstar Who Globalized Muay Thai
2x K-1 MAX Champion, 14x World Champion. The most decorated Thai kickboxer

"Lawrence raises excellent points and does excellent work on his articles and videos. He does amazing work. If you want to learn about the different styles and about the different techniques and strategies, his work are an excellent study for everyone."

Firas Zahabi - Premier MMA Coach
Muay Thai Champion, BJJ Blackbelt, Coach to GSP & Rory MacDonald

"Love Lawrence Kenshin's work. Take notes. "

Israel Adesanya - Undefeated & Undisputed Middleweight UFC Champion
Combined 106-5 Record In Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA

"Love Lawrence's work. His work is scary accurate, it's like he can read my mind! Keep up the great work."

Duke Roufus - Premier MMA Striking Coach
7x world champion, head coach to UFC Champions Tyrone Woodley and Anthony Pettis

Looking back, we (Lawrence Kenshin & the many elite instructors responsible for producing this program) never imagined that we would ever be teaching what we are about to share with you. We never expected to publish what we know about striking.

But if you'll stick with me (Lawrence Kenshin) for a few more minutes, I’ll share our an incredible collection of insights that my fellow trainers and I have learned about developing Legendary Fundamentals and modeling Legendary Strikers. 

First, some questions only you can answer.

  • Have you reached a point where you've ready to go beyond basic training and hitting plateaus; a point where you want to keep improving and enjoy a far more comprehensive understanding of striking — a martial arts journey that allows you to meet your potential, a journey of which you can be confident and proud?

  • Are you interested in achieving a much higher caliber of technique? Think about why intelligent and passionate people like yourself can't accurately model their own techniques after their favorite athlete(s). More than 95% of the people who train striking never end up achieving "clean technique." 

  • Is there a part of you that believes it is actually possible to look like you've been training for years after just one month? Or, that it's possible to make technical progression in just a few sessions - progression that you’ve failed to acquire in all your years of training? Or, if you’ve already got great technique and are looking to “level up,” don’t you want to be able to model the exact movements and strategy of the legends you aim to emulate?

All of this is possible for you, and we will show you exactly how to live this reality in the Legendary Striking curriculum.

Before I get to that in just a minute, here is my own crazy story…

It’s about ME, but it just might be about YOU, too…

After publishing my striking breakdowns on legendary fighters, it’s become somewhat common to receive inquiries from top-tier coaches and fighters, asking for my input on their game plans. In fact, I've been sought after to scout out the techniques and strategy of some of your favorite fighters, and helped strategize for high-profile fights behind the scenes.

Spotting strengths, weaknesses and patterns in combat is my gift. I love studying the game, but what primarily has kept me going all this time is the support from fighters and countless fans that recognize the strength of this work and how it has personally helped their striking journey. 

Because I am continuously absorbing info on all things related to striking, the potency of my gift has only increased over time. What I am now able to do for strikers of any level is completely different from before. I've been able to facilitate faster progress for athletes of all levels than anyone else I've seen. Over time, I have developed a uniquely analytical process for striking techniques and matured it with sophisticated, world-class sports science.

People often ask me: "How is it that you spot these things?" or "How do you have such a good eye for technique?"

It didn’t happen all at once.

More than a decade ago, I was badly injured. Before my injury, I was known in combat sports circles as someone who picks up techniques really quickly – faster than any just-starting-out student can be expected to be.

After my injury, though, I couldn’t find a single expert to help adequately deal with the pain – so I mostly had to just fight through it. When the pain eventually got to be too much for me, I was forced to the sidelines. The only thing I could realistically do to improve as a fighter was to review and analyze footage.

While many of my teammates that I mentored were becoming top prospects, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I relentlessly improved my mind. This is how Lawrence Kenshin’s Striking Breakdowns was born, and since then I have shared more and more of my striking analysis with the world. 

I felt I couldn’t simply “talk the talk” without “walking the walk,” so every time the pain lessened, I would jump back into training with disastrous results. The pain would inevitably come back with a vengeance, making me want to quit training altogether.

It got so bad that there were many days I couldn’t even get up to eat. Orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists, and personal trainers I sought out didn’t help or ended up making things worse.

This was without a doubt, the hardest period of my life, and it’s why I took a two-year-plus hiatus.

But I didn't give up. When I wasn't able to move much at all, I diligently kept up on my reading, digesting book after book on sports science and rehab everyday. After reading dozens of them, I saw that these works often led back to a few particular names, and one of them was Dr. Michael Yessis, a biomechanics professor and, indeed, the most undercelebrated sport scientist of all time. 

Not only is Yessis responsible for popularizing many of the sport science concepts you see at the top of literally every popular sport today, he was also responsible for educating the first wave of sports rehabilitation doctors in America. 

Dr. Yessis officially took me on as a mentee and, also, he healed my body in ways that other experts couldn't.

After rigorous study of world-class sports science, the lens through which I previously had viewed technique, tactics and strategy had widened substantially. 

I have known what it feels like to be a "natural," but I have also known what it feels like to be unable to improve due to my own body's dysfunctions. I know what it feels like to be biomechanically unable to execute techniques. 

But now, I know what striking progression CAN feel like with proper sports science. Yes- unparalleled progress is possible with the right method, for strikers of all experience and all levels. The best part yet: it CAN be learned online. 

The dual worlds of technical striking and sport science can be seamlessly integrated. With a well thought-out and unified system, strikers of any level can massively speed up their technical progression thanks to an enhanced biomechanical understanding of athletic progression.

With personal access to many of the greatest striking coaches and fighters of all time, I was able to combine what they passed on to me, what I studied through footage, and world-class sports science – all together. 

In other words, I combined these two distinct worlds in a way that no one else has proven to have done.

Legendary Striking represents a massive swath of empirical evidence of the best, most scientific methodology there is for progressive technical striking. 

In this one-of-a-kind curriculum—possibly the largest, most comprehensive of its kind — I give you access to not only the firsthand secrets of elite strikers and Legendary Champions but also the world-class science behind the most successful fighters and athletes of all time. 

I’ve combined that foundation with even more detailed breakdowns and essays – virtually everything you’ve seen from me before - sequenced intuitively for easy navigation.

This is the solution to the problem from which I believe the vast majority of strikers suffer. The truth is this: most striking coaches and practitioners around the world get it wrong. The very premise of their training – that your skills will forever improve so long as you simply “put in the work” – is wastefully incorrect.

So many people “just train” and expect to see progression. I thought the very same thing before finding Dr. Michael Yessis – and I was blown away by just how wrong I was. 

Does this sound like you?

▪ Constantly training without seeing any improvements at all, or hitting plateaus in training and staying there for a long time… this is every striker's nightmare.

▪ Trying to follow your coach’s technique modeling but actually not looking like it at all

▪ Studying online courses without being able to execute what the instructors are teaching

▪ Mentally understanding the tactics you learn in class or in class but unable to put them into practice… 

▪ Not knowing which muscles to use in a strike

▪ Not looking clean and technical in your striking

▪ Getting injured easily while training…

▪ Taking a very long time to warm up, and feeling stiff after the workout.

▪ Feeling like you're wasting your time and feeling untalented in striking despite your love for martial arts… 


Training hard at gyms without an intelligent and progressive system, buying unstructured online curriculums, or watching random YouTube tutorials DOESN'T WORK for 95% of the people for at least two reasons. (There are a lot more reasons, but let’s just start with two for now.)


  1. When you only train hard without the right methods and correct technique cueing, you build bad technical habits and improve very slowly. Unlearning bad habits will take just as much time, if not more time, than learning those poor habits in the first place.
  2. When you just train hard without a scientific method — one that works for 100% of the people instead of the 5% of the most talented — you can’t meet your POTENTIAL because you will waste too much time. 


A world class-coach once told me that the quality of a coach should not be measured by how successful a few of his students are. That is not difficult to achieve:

"The quality of a coach should be measured by how he's able to make the entire room into skilled martial artists, even the ones who are untalented and and unathletic.

The very gifted and extremely dedicated can get good anywhere, or even on their own. But if a coach can make the untalented and unathletic good, then you know this coach has an intelligent training process and a high-quality system for technical progression." 

IT IS POSSIBLE to spend less time AND get better faster. It's not a gimmicky hack, it's not a shortcut ― it’s a smarter process and genuinely optimized.

1. When complex ideas are explained in simple and concise way…

2. When each technical cue is broken down such that not only know what it looks like, but can immediately apply and execute it yourself

3. When every single technique and tactic is layered in a logical and cohesive progression…

Then, solid fundamentals can be built in weeks or months instead of NEVER being built even after years of training.

Why, then, do so many people fail to improve fast in their striking journey, especially in the beginning?

Simple: because they are the victims of an UNSCIENTIFIC PROCESS.

Fundamentals may seem simple, but they are decidedly not easy.

It is one thing to know a technique “in your head” cognitively.

It is a whole other thing to learn it fast and execute it correctly.

It took me over five years of researching and journeying around the world to consult the globe’s top strikers and athletic development experts - diving deeply into concepts like movement progression, athletic development, technical and tactical development... 

I needed to do it all – the whole nine yards: discover, test and systemize the secrets to learning the striking arts. And then, once synthesized, I put it all into my new course — Legendary Striking.

Most striking coaches don’t care about athletic development and scientific progression, and only about tradition— the way that they learned it.

Yes, tradition works, but only for 5% of the most talent - the ones who make it through the "sink or swim" filter.

The top 5% either survive, or get weeded out from the team or are ignored by the coaches like the other 95%.

The sad reality is that many people who got weeded out may have simply needed a better learning process, one that did not include unnecessary injuries and bad habits. 

Yes tradition works well for people who are exceptionally visually and athletically talented, but even for them, it is FAR FROM OPTIMIZED.

Every single sport and its training has been through a similar journey: first, relying on tradition to guide them, and resisting new, unfamiliar methods, until individual athletes or teams who adopt these new methods begin to eclipse the rest of the field!

Because striking sports in general are heavily tradition-bearing and close-minded, they are among the very last sports to adopt  more scientific processes of athletic development.

Look: sports science is not just some mumbo jumbo woo woo.

Don't mistake real athletic progression for the unscientific personal trainers claiming that they are training you with sports science. Ignore them, but pay attention instead to the sport scientists who revolutionized human performance.

Athletic development isn't any regular area of study; it's literally the field of human optimization.

This is a field to which governments such as that of the Soviet Union gave nearly unlimited funding for research and development.

The result? The Soviets capturing a historic amount of gold medals across every international sport. Just unbelievable domination.

Their methods have since been popularized and continue to be proven by the athletes belonging to the very top echelon of coaches around the world, and it was thanks to my mentor, Dr. Michael Yessis, that these methodologies exist at all.

Who is using these training methods today in striking? Only the likes of the world’s finest fighters - Vasyl Lomachenko, Giorgio Petrosyan, and Tenshin Nasukawa.

Note how it is the very, very slim sliver of elite fighters employing these training methods. They are most definitely the exceptions – not the rule.

In Soviet Russia, at the height of its competitive power, each athlete graduated through tiered training, from technical to athletic, much like in any other sport. But for the Soviets, the progression of athletic training and movement was FULLY INTEGRATED with the technique of the sport – not made to be arbitrarily separate.

This small example betrays the Soviets’ secret: BIOMECHANICS – the study of the consistencies of body movement across all sports.

Understanding this unlocks the door to rapid and profound technical progression.

I am not aware of ANYONE who combines and integrates these two worlds into one easy-to-digest learning experience for strikers.

This curriculum’s content is straightforward: I am going to teach you the best of the best of what I've learned about everything related to striking.

But before I walk you through what’s in the course, let me tell you another quick story. This one’s about the brilliant David Tian, a former university professor who is fascinated by martial arts.

Dr. David Tian is a brilliant guy who has just crushed it in life. Multiple masters and PhD degrees in psychology and philosophy from the most prestigious universities around the world.

He now runs his own business as one of the most recognized relationship coaches in Asia, and he's also a therapeutic coach to some of the most high-profile individuals from around the world.

It’s safe to say that he is a LEARNING MACHINE. 

Growing up, David was an athlete of multiple sports, and he has trained in several traditional martial arts. 

As an adult, he became an avid weightlifter. He trained for several years at world-class gyms in Singapore and Thailand, taking over 50 (!!) one-on-one lessons with world champions. 

All of this should set him up to be a skilled striking technician, right? A true killer.


When David first came to me to bring his striking to a new level, he thought he was ready to learn advanced striking— the tactical striking that legends use in their fights. 

I didn't have the heart to tell him BUT...

He had absolutely no fundamentals. 

Every single technique he executed would be considered a textbook failure.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t shocked at all, and, to be fair, it's not really his fault. At the time, he didn’t know what he didn’t know.

But the beautiful part is that in just a matter of weeks, he made progress that, anywhere else, with any other trainer, would have taken him YEARS to achieve.

You see, I already knew that most coaches have no idea how to teach body movement to someone who is not super talented. 

But David, like so many strikers around the world, fell into the "JUST TRAIN!” TRAP, thinking that if he just trained with experienced coaches and fighters, he'd get good along the way. At the very least, he'd have the basics down, right?

Years went by for David, and that never happened. 

In fact, like most people, he didn't even know what bad or good technique was.

He lacked the self-awareness needed to make progress (which I believe is the coach's responsibility.)

But he was aware that the Thai trainers in class mostly ignored him, and that the talented athletes usually utterly schooled him. 

He loved the sport, so David wondered why he wasn't improving. His grit and admiration for the warriors he saw performing on TV were all that kept him chipping away at what seemed like an endless rock.

Fortunately for David, I was putting together Legendary Striking, and I had a step-by-step process on building fundamentals – training methods on the cutting edge of sports science.  

During the first session — within a mere 10 minutes — he was shocked at how much technical progression he was able to make and the new power he was able to generate. 

In other words, with the exact knowledge that is in this course, I helped to optimize his intelligence and athletic ability, and allowed him to rise to meet his natural potential – something all his previous training and one-on-ones with world champs had failed to do.

A student can only meet their potential if the coach knows how to optimize for it. 

In the case of David, he had always brought maximum effort and dedication. He was plenty intelligent and athletic enough to be a good striker.

But his instructors had failed to bring it out of him, and the role of a good teacher is to have a student meet their potential. 

That's what Legendary Fundamentals is about, because without it, it is impossible to layer it with Legendary Striking Tactics.

As with David's coaches – it wasn’t their fault. They just never had to learn fundamentals the way he needed to learn it, so they have no clue how to teach them.

It’s really not their fault, but IT IS the reason that 95% of people who train never seem to get better: they’re missing the intricate art of solid fundamentals.

Does this mean David should never train with these coaches again? 

No! In fact, David still trains with these coaches and now, his training is greatly enhanced (and far more personally rewarding).

Within a few short sessions with me, David had developed good fundamentals and, when he went back into the Muay Thai gym, the same Thai trainers that once ignored him now came up to train and spar with him.

He was largely ignored before, and now he's noticed and they're always friendly. What changed?

On the pads, they gave him tactical and strategic pad work, pushing him a lot harder than they ever would with other students. Why?

Instead of just making him blast the pads for a quick workout with NO technical adjustment, they suddenly held him to a much higher standard.

In a crowd of students, the trainers WANTED to work with him instead of the other students. 

In Muay Thai culture, this is a HUGE COMPLIMENT.

You see, most traditional combat sports coaches, such as Muay Thai trainers in Thailand, love seeing progress and talent. So for David’s coaches to have suddenly taken an interest in him was their way of expressing that they were impressed with his progress and that they wanted to push him to get even better. 

To summarize: after a few short sessions with, David was no longer in the 95% - he was now “the 5%,” the cream of the crop.

Recognize what’s happening here: practicing this curriculum has a SNOWBALL EFFECT on your striking journey. Like a rolling snowball gets bigger, so do you get better. And like a growing snowball gathers more and more snow, so do you only get better and better exponentially.

Training based on the knowledge you’re going to learn in this course and going to a real Muay Thai gym are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE to one another. 

This program’s role is to enhance that synergy. The purpose of this course is to make 100% of the students in Legendary Striking transition into the top 5% of all people who practice martial arts. 

Virtually every striker ever has suffered from the same problem:

The established “sink or swim” training process has ROBBED YOU of the opportunity to reach your FULL POTENTIAL as you progress in your striking career. 

How is it possible for you to form perfect striking habits from the very beginning of your journey if your coaches don’t know how to hardwire them into you? 

If they don’t know which specific muscle action should be used and how to train that muscle, how is it possible for you to learn to use it? Do you think you’ll just stumble onto the right techniques and knowledge by accident? 

Imagine, too, if you learn this much later in your striking journey. How much time do you expect to spend re-learning striking if you’re doing it “freestyle” – without a structured scientific correction process?

Intense striking training is hard enough as it. The process naturally makes you resilient and anti-fragile.

However, no matter how tough and resistant to pain you are, an unnecessarily time consuming process  from “beginner” to “technician” shouldn’t be something you suffer. It must be effective and efficient so that time and potential are both maximally exploited.

Imagine getting stuck in the fundamental stage for YEARS – and you don’t even know you're stuck there! Or even worse, deluding yourself to believe that you are good.

This illusory superiority is called the Dunning Kruger Effect – and it’s the worst thing to experience as a beginner who has already invested a lot of time in striking. 

Remember: TIME is absolutely the most precious thing we have in life.

To go further, we must always focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the time investments which we make. 

Like a ladder must have enough rungs to allow one to climb high enough, so too must our training methods be optimized to allow us to stretch and meet our potential.

There is no other way to be your best self.  

If you never build your Legendary Fundamentals, you will never achieve Legendary Striking.

How do you build a skyscraper if its foundation is anything but rock-solid?

Building the best foundation of fundamentals before progression to advanced striking is something that every single great coach can agree on. 

By filtering everything we do through a SCIENTIFIC PROCESS, we will get this foundation built faster than anything you've experienced before. 

The speed with which you build a solid foundation will also determine the speed with which you can develop your Legendary Tactics.

Notice how this course goes way beyond basics. You will also learn the brilliant Legendary Tactics that are a must-have for achieving Legendary Striking. After all, perfect techniques are only useful if you know how to apply them in combat tactically.

These tactics come with more than instruction – they come with HISTORY. I have extracted and systemized all the knowledge covered in my many breakdowns, sequencing it all in such a way that you will be able to follow the progression of each of the techniques and tactics used.

We will take our exploration of these much further than before. Included in the curriculum are in-depth essays that I’ve written to underpin the history of the strikes you’re learning. This will aid you in understanding how each important tactic scaffolds off another to flow together logically.

And that's not all...

I am bringing on Legendary Strikers to teach you these concepts on camera themselves.

Meet just two of your elite instructors for this portion of the curriculum:

Pro Muay Thai fighters Chris Mauceri and Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9

(P.S. This is only the beginning. Expect more to come…!)

LEGENDARY FIGHTER #1: Chris "The Terminator" Mauceri

‘The Man Who Rose to be a Top 3 Prospect by Hitting the Heavy Bag’

Chris Mauceri was a junior gymnastics champion who was, early on in his life, selected to train at the Olympic centre

After racking up too many injuries, though, his Olympic dreams were dashed. Chris wasn’t the extreme talent or natural athletes like the other Olympic hopefuls around him; he simply put in more work.

For Chris, the devastation set in hard and heavy. He fell into a years-long depression after losing his ability to perform in the sport he loved.

After a long, dark time, Chris found something new – something that his injuries didn’t preclude – something that made him feel like gymnastics had when he could still perform at the highest, most elite levels. Chris found Muay Thai.

In the beginning, he progressed slowly, building perfect fundamentals and a technical style, even as many of his teammates surpassed him early on.

Chris applied the lessons he had learned by becoming elite in gymnastics: by focusing on the fundamentals, he was able to go way further than his teammates in the long run.

You would think as one of the top three American prospects in Muay Thai, he would have a lot of teammates and a coach always taking care of him.

Truthfully, for the most part, his most important teammate was the heavy bag, the mirror for shadowboxing, and his phone for filming himself.

And yet, if you looked at his physical aesthetic and technical progression… Chris Mauceri was a stud!

First, he goes 7-0 in his pro career. Then, he gives the venerable Kevin Ross an epic fight.

“The Terminator” then goes on to beat Coke Chunawat, who had 200+ fights, including a victory over the world-famous Buakaw Banchamek.

He fought Sittisak to a split decision – a #1 ranked Lumpinee Stadium fighter at the time.

See a pattern? Against top-level opponents, the outcomes are razor-thin – a win one day, a close loss the next.

Against anyone even remotely close to his own experience level, though? He runs right through them.

Not bad from a guy who learned his fundamentals on a heavy bag, huh?

Time, though, doesn’t care about how great you are. It’ll always peel back to reveal your weaknesses – your sore spots.

For Chris, the injuries he got at the end of his gymnastics career came back to haunt him.

But like myself, Chris found that his injuries actually gave him the opportunity to become a better martial artist and an even better coach.

How? Just like me: by learning about sports science and biomechanics.

With the help of his brother, an elite power lifter with a strong understanding of sports science, and his sister, a physiotherapist, Chris feels now like he’s never been a better martial artist.

And on top of that, Chris Mauceri has personally undergone several athletic development programs from a range of different top coaches in America. 

Knowing his story, we can understand how it is that Chris Mauceri is uniquely qualified to teach not only the fundamentals and mechanics of striking, but also how to progress as a striker from learning Legendary Fundamentals to mastering the Legendary Tactics you see every top fighter use.

This is not the mishmash of random techniques “tutorials” you’ll find on YouTube or other striking courses.

Together, Chris and I have outlined together hundreds of videos and essays that sequence tactical striking in a COHESIVE AND LOGICAL manner that is applicable for and by strikers of all levels of skill and experience.

2. LEGENDARY FIGHTER #2: Petpanomrung "The Professor" Kiatmoo9

The 4x Thailand Muay Thai Champion, National Boxing Champion, 6x GLORY Kickboxing Champion

At the age of 25, Petpanomrung is already a multi-sport striking phenom. 

He's beaten some of the best fighters in Kickboxing and Muay Thai history. 

A slick technician capable of adapting to an aggressive hitter, Petpanomrung, dubbed "The Professor," has some of the cleanest tactical striking you will ever see. 

With over 60 Boxing fights, 200 Muay Thai fights, and a dozen Kickboxing fights at the highest level, Petpanomrung is uniquely qualified to teach Legendary Striking across all three sports.

In our curriculum, we explore the highest percentage strikes he's used in his fights, against opposing southpaw and orthodox fighters, as well as historic Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques. 


The Top Myths of Striking

In Module 1, “The Top Myths of Striking,” we begin by walking you through the destructive myths and practices that will prevent you from building Legendary Fundamentals. 

Some of the powerful lessons revealed in this module include:

  • The specific drills and scientific training methodology necessary for hardwiring good habits and perfect fundamentals faster than any traditional training method.
  • How to adjust bad habits and incorrect technique in real time, with profound results realized in just a few sessions.
  • Technical cues given to live beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.
  • The lies you’ve been taught about what “good training” looks like are right under your nose – you’ve just never really noticed them! In this module, we’ll expose the following:
  • Myth 1: "I know the basics" - Everyone thinks they know the basics. Why is it, then, that when Samart Payakaroon, the greatest striker of all time, goes abroad to teach students, he is routinely teaching the basics (and not his most advanced techniques)? We’ll explore the world of difference that is between top-level, blue-chip fundamentals and what most people think are fundamentals.
  • Myth 2: "It takes a long time to develop good technique!" – Sign up for Legendary Striking with zero striking experience and watch how lightning-quick your improvement shows. Within just three sessions, a new student can look like they've been training for at least six months if not a full year. What does take a long time is unlearning bad habits, if it’s possible at all. Without any long-known bad habits to unlearn and untangle, your progress will be shockingly fast.
  • Myth 3: "Just train! Just do it!" - It often takes years of unlearning directed by good coaches to correct bad habits, all due to the destructive “just train” mindset. In this module, we show that it is possible for someone to unlearn a bad technique and transform it instead into a powerful, textbook fundamental technique in just 10 minutes. Real results with no gimmicks, just authentic reactions of amazement from long-time students of the game. 
  • Myth 4: "There isn't a smarter way to train!" – Wrong – just plain wrong. The work done by Dr. Yessis and from Soviet Sport Secrets programming on how to train perfect technique is explained here with a template workout. 
  • Myth 5: "Just throw any strikes! Just hit him!” – Not all strikes are created equal. There is a long list of strikes and combinations that are more likely to land than others. These should be given priority in practice. Coincidentally, training these will grant you the necessary mechanics to execute the lesser-used techniques. We introduce and demonstrate what these specific techniques in this section.
  • Myth 6: "Weightlifting is detrimental to athletes" - You can tell the quality of an athletic development trainer by their ability to explain how a loaded exercise (moving weights) benefits a sport action. The best sports scientists can design specialized exercises (ones you’d never, ever find on YouTube) to mimic sport actions. Dr. Yessis personally collaborated on designing many exercises to mimic movements as they happen in actual striking. In this section, we explore a few of these never-before-seen exercises and how it made a student instantly strike smoother with much more power. 


Getting to Know Chris Mauceri

In Module 2, you'll get to know one of your core instructors, Chris Mauceri, and get a taste of elite level tactical striking.  In this module we explore how Chris was able to rise through the ranks and compete with the best in the world in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing with just a handful of fights behind him, when his opponents had 10-20 times his experience and accolades! 

  • You'll learn the tactical purpose behind pressure fighting and how to do it technically instead of just relying on blind aggression
  • How to combine major tactical themes, such as aggressive counter fighting - combining two styles into one and becoming more adaptable and well-rounded.
  • How to fight bigger, taller fighters and knock them out using specific techniques and tactics



Legendary Foundation Begins

Here’s where we really get to work. With a live community element from me and other coaches, we will be with you ti piece together your foundation brick by brick. You get to send videos in for us to make sure you're applying the techniques correctly, starting with the following.

  • How to throw biomechanically balanced strikes– The body is capable of tremendous balance but only if you know how to use it! There are many ways to balance your body during striking, and in doing so, you can generate insane power. These concepts are hardly ever explored and broken-down in detail, so that's exactly what we've done.
  • The core principles of footwork

    – It’s important to make the distinction between active and stable footwork. Active footwork is not inherently good, as every single movement must serve a purpose. We explore "purposeful footwork," starting with the most important footwork techniques to learn in the beginning. 

  • The “centerline” – and how to move around according to this most important core concept in all of fighting.

  • The guard is one of the most misinformed concepts in striking. Every novice knows to "keep your hands up!" and yet they lack full understanding of what that means. “Hands up” isn't inherently good defense , and in this section, we talk about this at length, illustrating the important differences between active and static guards. This will help you defend against any attack that comes your way. 

  • How to use balance and counterbalance to produce power. You don't have to be exceptionally strong to use your body well. By the same token, if you're strong and don't know how to use your body, you are LEAKING power! 

  • Power stance versus counter stance – Your stances will dictate what strikes you’re capable of using at any given moment. The best and most adaptable fighters shift in and out of different stances. In this section, we explore the most important stances you see legends use. 

  • How to remain balance and unaffected when being hit and being able to hit back. 
  • Generating power through proper kinetic chaining to plug up power leaks and retain otherwise wasted energy potential.

  • Discussion of lead-side and rear-side weapons, and when to use them.



Legendary Punching Fundamentals

In Module 4, we start to construct your punches from the ground up. 

You’ll learn the reasons why we begin with Muay Thai and Kickboxing style punches, and you’ll practice the accompanying techniques from these complementary arts. 

  • Deep discussion of Bruce Lee's famous pronouncement of fearing the man who has practiced “10,000 kicks,” and discussion of contexts in which it applies (and contexts in which it does not).

  • Primary jab usages – A detailed study of Muay Thai -style jabs, stationary jabs, step-in jabs, etc.

  • The cross as it is used in Muay Thai and Kickboxing, the power cross and overhand variations. 

  • The primary lead hook and its several variations 
  • Key micro-adjustments to make to your training such as elbow positions, arm extensions, foot positioning, plus a full mechanical breakdown of hip & core rotations, and a careful explanation on how to integrate these into your training. 

  • Live troubleshooting with strikers of all levels. 



Legendary Kicking Fundamentals


With your hands looking sharp now, we aim in Module 5 to do the same for your low kicks. There are technical progressions for picking up these kicks that we go over in length. We detail the historic, technical and tactical reasons as to why we should begin with Muay Thai and Kickboxing low kicks, and how your skills will progress from there. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is included.

  • An encyclopedic examination of the biomechanics of the low kick.

  • How to kick in the Muay Thai style.

  • Key arm actions used to maximize kicking power and speed.

  • The most-often used switch kick techniques
  • A thorough review of the teep and how it is used. It is the most effective yet underutilized technique in all of striking (outside of Thailand, that is). 

  • The mechanics of the knee from each side. 


IN-DEPTH LIVE SESSIONS: Troubleshooting Fundamentals

In Module 6, we will walk you through live corrections of strikers of vastly differing experience levels: novice, intermediate and advanced. The focus is on punches and low kicks. For the more advanced strikers, there are also multiple sessions on how to switch to the opposite stance successfully and very quickly.

  • Multiple sessions featuring fast, technical progression from a brand-new fighter. We discuss how a "blank slate" is the best canvas on which to draw perfect art. Blank slate strikers free of dysfunctions will learn the fastest. 
  • Multiple sessions featuring fast, technical correction and progression from an intermediate striker without proper fundamentals. We assess how to correct years of bad habits and technical mistakes, and how transform that into textbook technique within a few sessions. This process normally takes years. 
  • Multiple sessions featuring an advanced striker switching to southpaw, and, in a few short weeks, feeling as natural as in his primary, orthodox fighting stance. This is precisely due to the scientific programming we bake into all these drills and exercises.
  • Sport-specific exercises to mimic, correct and strengthen striking techniques. This will have TREMENDOUS BENEFITS to speeding up the process of building fundamentals. 


The History of Legendary Low Kicks

Dive deep into history in Module 7. We explore the legacy of Legendary Low Kickers and matches with their brilliance on display. These are fully in-depth essays and breakdowns on Legendary Strikers and their tactics.

  • Essay on the historic and technical relevance of "Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing: The Fight That Changed History" - a match that woke the combat sports world up to low kicks. Find out exactly how today’s fighters’ stances came into existence – and why.
  • Essay on a perfect example of a perfect low kicker. We discuss the tactical strategies of the dazzling punch and low kick combinations of Ernesto Hoost – “Mr. Perfect” himself. Learn about how his style became de facto for most fighters, as well as why it is still widely misunderstood. 
  • Essay on Manson Gibson: The King of Awkward and Unorthodox - When the world changed its stance to avoid eating low kicks, Manson didn't, and he succeeded anyway. How? We discuss.


Legendary Western Kickboxing Style: The Heavy Puncher and Low Kicker

The fundamental tactical makeup of the “punch and low kick” style is our prime target in this module. It’s is a must-learn for anyone starting out in Kickboxing or Muay Thai. Getting this down will allow for much better tactical execution on virtually every other aspect of fighting.

  • Sequential punching – creating clear openings for the next punch. Everything in striking should be logical if you want to be a technician/tactician. No “spray and pray,” even if you are adopting this aggressive style. This is the only way to go if you want to use Legendary Tactics.
  • How to properly level change on punch combinations to set up the low kick. 
  • Powerful counters from bracing the low kick – If you want to low kick well, you will need to know how to brace against one and counter back.
  • How to nullify and break the opponent's check – Checks are kryptonite to low kicks. However, a truly tactical low kicker knows how to get around his opponent's check and render it useless.
  • One shot, one kill – These are power punching counters that countless kickboxers have used to finish their opponents, all with just one move.
  • The “Dutch block” – A simple and effective way to counter a roundhouse to the upper body. This is a must-learn for anyone looking to strike back against high kickers.
  • How to defend the level-changing combinations – To understand your style, you must be able to withstand this style as a defender.
  • Evading series of logical punches and low kick combinations coming at you. We also discuss how to slip the primary punches in this Kickboxing style. 


Highest Percentage Fundamental Defense

Now that you have learned fundamental offense properly, we now move on to how to use the highest-percentage defenses against fundamental strikes. 

  • A close examination of weaving punches in Muay Thai and Kickboxing.
  • Main parries used for strikes. 
  • How to ACTIVELY block with the high guard (something rarely discussed or explored properly). 
  • The ACTIVE use of the long guard.
  • How to parry the teep with your legs.
  • The primary defenses against the teep.
  • The most common defenses against offensive knees.


5 Principles of Legendary Striking

Module 6 illuminates the top five principles of striking – principles that you will unquestionably require further along in your striking journey.

To preface this: over a year ago, a former Australian MMA champion and now coach asked me what my top five principles of technical striking were. I came up with a list, he made it into an image, and this image then went viral.

Because these principles are so important, I went on to write essays about them. There’s so much more that goes into this simple list – in fact, this module will be published as a book in the future, so you’re getting a sneak peek!

  • Chapter 1: “Hit and Don’t Get Hit” – It’s surprising how many strikers just plain do not care about this principle. With this in mind, both offense and defense will be prioritized. We also discuss feints, deception, “spray and pray,” straight blasts, time spent on defense, and combinations versus single shots.
  • Chapter 2: “Combat Liveness and Entering Flow State” – In this section, we discuss how to transfer striking from the bag/pads to live combat such as sparring and fights. We talk about historic examples of Legendary Fighters focusing on live training, as well as how they combined the two in different stages of their career.
  • How to enter the flow state during training and sparring – Understanding the conditions of entering the flow state in training will help speed up your progress, as well as make you enjoy the journey way, way more!
  • What each level of training partner can do for your technical and tactical game. 
  • Universal guidelines to sparring and sparring etiquette. 
  • Chapter 3: “Developing Fight IQ and Emotional Intelligence” – Here we deep dive into the “how” and “why” it is that technicians and tacticians are extremely logical in striking. There's absolutely a reason behind everything they do. When you hear them saying "I'm just flowing in there,” it means they have achieved unconscious competence from constantly practicing. They have successfully engrained a logical striking system into their minds. This is what separates a high-IQ fighter from the rest. 
  • Chapter 4: “Reading Patterns and Exploiting Patterns” – In this chapter, we discuss how pattern-reading fighters are set apart from their peers. They are the most adaptable to any environment in the arena of combat. Not so coincidentally, they're also more likely to succeed in life. Pattern reading alone, though isn't enough; it must be used holistically as a part of a complete fighting system.
  • Historical overview of Legendary Fighters who remained dominant by being adaptable and versatile. 
  • The importance of visualization and watching high-level athletes.  
  • Discussion of the core principle: “If it works, use it ruthlessly.” 
  • Chapter 5: “If It Doesn’t Work, TROUBLESHOOT!” – Chapter 5 is where we talk about becoming the triple threat: expertly trained in mind, body and craft. Examples here will help identify the factors that separate a "gym killer" from a competitor that rises to the occasion. This phenomenon is important to consider for performance. 
  • Why Francis Ngannou froze against Derrick Lewis after getting knocked out in his previous fight, despite having all the tools for a victory in his possession.
  • How athletes like Muhammad Ali, Samart Payakaroon and Conor McGregor rise to the occasion and succeed under intense pressure. 
  • The most important findings from studying sports psychology that I’ve ever come across. 
  • Discussion of energy systems, and how energy usage is different in training versus in competition. 
  • How to enhance movement and technique -learning with athletic development and a smart injury prevention plan. 
  • How techniques and tactics become critical AFTER sorting out your mind and body. 


Legendary Southpaw: Championship Kicking for Kickboxing

The next logical progression after learning punches and low kick fundamentals is learning how to be a strategic kicker. Kicking to the body is arguably the most important technique in Muay Thai. To be successful in the Kickboxing arena, Muay Thai needs to be adapted and made to be context-specific.

There are specific traits and tactics that allow one to be successful in Kickboxing, and Petchpanomrung has it all. He is the king of GLORY Kickboxing for good reason, and we explore all of what he has to offer. 

Petchpanomrung is your Southpaw Legendary Tactics instructor for this course. Like Chris Mauceri, he brilliantly balances his all-out aggression and super technical counter-fighting.

  • Interview on Tactical Fighting – This is the most comprehensive interview on techniques and tactics with Petchpanomrung that you’ll ever see. This interview puts you in a perfect position to draw from the technical and tactical mind of a Legendary Striker, and serves as an introduction to using Boxing and Muay Thai for the Kickboxing arena.
  • How to utilize the long-range left kick – the single most important technique for a southpaw.
  • How to disrupt the aggressive opponent's rhythm and timing to damage with the roundhouse.
  • When to kick the body, arm and head – Understanding this concept is critical for the placement of strikes.
  • How to use the switch kick against same-stance opponents as a southpaw.
  • When and how to double-up your kicks.
  • The importance of low kicks in Kickboxing, and how to use them to score.
  • The different types of teep, and how to use them against aggressive kickboxers.
  • How to kick while avoiding an opponent’s counters.
  • How to generate maximum explosiveness with the left kick.
  • How to kick while moving backwards, including the ultra-slick slide-back left kick.
  • How to setup a head kick as a finishing blow.
  • How to knock your opponent out with a jumping head kick.


Legendary Orthodox Kicking

A strategic kicker can shut down a good puncher. This is how a majority of Muay Thai fighters have all terminated their foreign, boxing-centric opponents in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

In this module, we explore all the high-percentage techniques and concepts.

  • How to counter straight punches with the rear roundhouse.
  • How to pin your opponent's arms with the roundhouse.
  • How to score with a lead kick and pendulum kick.
  • Question mark kick tactics, plus an exploration of open stance versus closed stance.
  • How to pull off a head kick counter against punches.
  • The magic of the left body kick against punches.
  • How to chain straight punches together with the roundhouse. 
  • Timing the low kick against punches.
  • How to feint and use throwaway punches to set up roundhouses.
  • How to successfully attack the back leg.


Legendary Kicking Defense

Offense must be paired with defense. In Module 13, we analyze the best, most effective ways to defend against the roundhouse kick. There are a lot of details here that most miss out on, so a scrutiny of the topic is in order.

  • 6 crucial things to spot when checking the kick.
  • How to adjust the height of the check to properly meet the kick.
  • The two, primary arm positions when checking.
  • How to clear the kick after the double forearm block, Dutch-style.
  • 3 main techniques for catching a roundhouse coming from any side.
  • Advanced, aggressive kick checking, and how to transition these into catch-and-counter situations. 
  • How to check with the lead leg and then immediately counter with it.
  • How to move with the roundhouse to sap your opponent’s power.


Legendary Kicking Drills

These are the exact same kicking drills that elite fighters use to heighten their offense and defense sensitivity. Having the right drills and the correct sequential progression in place will allow you to progress at a much faster rate than if you were just “freestyling” from the start. These drills are precisely the cream of the crop.

  • “Kicking defense -focused” drill.
  • “Defending with the arms” drill.
  • “Catch-and-counter” drills.
  • “Evasion” drills.
  • “Pure offense versus pure defense” drill.
  • “Freestyle kick offense and defense” drill.
  • Sparring with proper freestyle kicks.


Historic Muay Thai Breakdowns: Unfolding the Stories and Tactics Behind Legendary Matchups

It's easy to watch all the popular viral Muay Thai clips out there and presume that that's all there is to Muay Thai. This is a careless misconception.

In fact, many of the most important matches and fighters have not yet become popular. My career has been centered on giving these fights and fighters exposure, but my mission is far from complete.

In this module, you’ll digest eight, jam-packed chapters of detailed essays written about my most important breakdowns in a way that connects all disparate knowledge of this course together. This is a small preview of my upcoming book, Legendary Striking

  • Chapter 1: “The Styles of Muay Thai: A Dialogue on Muay Mat versus Muay Fimeu” – I dispel the myth that Muay Thai is a “stand-and-bang” martial art, as well as why certain fighters choose to fight aggressively rather than technically. I also distinguish the very factors that sets the Muay Fimeu fighters apart, and why they're the most respected class of fighters, as well as their unique habits when it comes to studying fights.
  • Chapter 2: "The Mark of a Genius-Level Fight IQ Striker” – How genius technicians can  frustrate their opponents and have fights snowball into easy but spectacular wins. We examine several examples of great showmanship fighters, and how they were able to emulate this in training. 
  • Chapter 3: “Kings of the Sneaky Style” – In this chapter, we explore what makes sneaky fighters sneaky. How is it that they’re able to see and capitalize on tiny openings that other fighters cannot? There are major differences in tactical priorities and mindsets, and we probe into them here.
  • Chapter 4: “Super In-Depth Mechanics of the Question Mark Kick” – In collaboration with Dr. Michael Yessis, we analyze the question mark kick. Every major muscle movement and action is broken down in ways that allow for full understanding of key actions within the kick. Knowing this will been a guide for you in self-designed specialized and general exercises tasked with general kick execution advancement.
  • Chapter 5: “Kings of Muay Khao vs. Kings of Muay Fimeu” – Knee fighters and artistic technicians have historically clashed. There are specific traits that allow each respective style to best the other. Knee fighters are like wrestlers in MMA — once they get a hold of you, you're in trouble. That is unless, of course, you possess specific tactical abilities designed to neutralize their weapons. We discuss how legendary Muay Fimeu fighters have done so in this chapter.
  • Chapter 6: “The Technician's Secret to Knockouts: Energy Conservation” – There is one consistent strategy that technician fighters use to wear down aggressive opponents’ energy and then perform spectacularly throughout the fight, sometimes resulting in remarkably unique knockouts. This strategy’s composition and implementation are both illustrated at length.
  • Chapter 7: “How to Fight a Giant with Muay Thai” – Building on previous sections, we explore the historic fights in which strikers have used their skills to fight opponents 80+ pounds bigger. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often touted as the number-one fighting art for facing bigger and stronger opponents, but Muay Thai has proven to be equally capable of felling titans. In this chapter, we explore exactly how the legends of Muay Thai have done just that.
  • Chapter 8: “The Legendary Left Kick” – Throughout the course, we have detailed how important the left kick is in Muay Thai. In this chapter, we explain why and discuss some of the Legendary Left Kickers in history. The outwardly simplistic mechanics of this singular technique are actually packed full of nuance and elaborate tactical applications.


Historic Kickboxing Breakdowns: Legendary Matches Illuminated

Some believe that Muay Thai fighters are inherently better suited to Kickboxing than kickboxers. That is simply not true. While many Muay Thai fighters would do very well, one requires mastery of specific traits to adapt successfully. Many of the best kickboxers of all time have successfully fused Muay Thai with Boxing or Karate.

In this module, we explore some of the most important kickboxers and Kickboxing matches of all time.

  • Chapter 1: ‘How to Beat Bigger and Taller Opponents with Punches” – Fighting bigger and taller opponents is very different in Kickboxing. In this chapter we examine how to beat the bigger fighter with your punches instead of kicks. 
  • Chapter 2: “Shutting Down Great Punchers” – How does one beat a knockout artist? There are specific strategies used by kickers throughout striking history, and this match showcased most of the highest-percentage strategies to do just that.
  • Chapter 3: “How to Fight a Legend as a Huge Underdog” – When there's a huge experience and skill contrast, the underdog is not supposed to have a chance. But with the right strategy and tactics, the underdog can turn all that expectation on its head. We take a close look at how this is possible.
  • Chapter 4: “How to Transfer Your Weight to Generate Powerful Combinations” – Most people don't know how to shift weight from one strike to another, and therefore never end up stringing together truly great combinations. In this chapter, we’ll chat about how to properly weight shift, and exactly how some of the best Legendary Strikers do/did it. 
  • Bonus Content: “Long Guard Misconceptions” – This last chapter puts the long guard on trial, examining the major myths surrounding this distinctive defense.
  • #1: Key concepts to evading strikes without being punished. 
  • #2: Common defensive counters for the long guard.
  • #3: Hand fighting with the long guard.
  • Many more chapters to be added in the near future!


Popular Legendary Techniques

There are signature Legendary Striking Techniques that are often used by the biggest names in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. In this module we explore them.

  • Fast lead kick variations
  • Speed into power kicks
  • Stepping into left roundhouse
  • The Thai shuffle
  • Stutter hip feints to roundhouse
  • Question mark kick
  • Doubled-up roundhouses
  • Chris Mauceri's signature techniques
  • Muay Thai double threat
  • Muay Thai triple threat


Legendary Footwork

Once you have Legendary Fundamentals and Legendary Tactics down, you are ready add more to their potential with footwork tactics. 

  • Taking dominant angles on both the weak and power sides.
  • Drill for taking dominant angles from both sides.
  • Using hand control to assist the dominant angles.
  • How to retreat without getting over run.
  • How to stand your ground to deny your opponent’s push.
  • How to eat away at your opponent's space until they crumble.
  • When to use footwork explosively.
  • How to circle out, and how to stop your opponent from circling out.
  • Faking out your opponent to regain the center, plus partner drills centered on this concept.
  • Using neutral stance for explosive lateral footwork.
  • Remaining “power attack -ready” with skip step footwork.
  • Thai-style footwork – Muay Thai has extremely specific footwork not often used by kickboxers, with these styles being the most important.
  • How to use shifting offensively to set up power attacks.
  • 3 ways to set up kicks with a stepping feint.
  • Using the backward footwork to create a knockout blow.
  • 3 ways to counter with a kick while moving backwards.


Legendary Strategies

On display in this module are the overarching strategies used by Legendary Strikers to enhance their tactical and technical striking. Good strategies can help you level the playing field against a superior technician or a better athlete. 

  • Exploiting parries for follow-up attacks.
  • Energy conservation strategies.
  • Soaking up energy to go for the kill.
  • How to neutralize blitzing, wild, explosive styles.
  • Dealing with “weird, unorthodox” fighters.
  • Dealing with “wild” strikers.
  • Dealing with “annoying movement” fighters.
  • Dealing with talented counter fighters.
  • How to bait the counter striker.
  • Trapping the backpedaling runner.
  • Snatching the leg of the backpedaler.


High-Percentage Clinch Fundamentals

Discover principal clinch concepts. These are the highest-percentage clinch techniques that will allow you to battle, control and ragdoll your opponent in the clinch.

  • Achieving dominant locks, transitioning between collars, and attacking with knees.
  • High-percentage counters for dominant locks.
  • How to break posture.
  • How to neutralize knees.
  • 7 common clinch entries.
  • High-percentage clinch disengagements.
  • High-percentage sweeps inside the clinch.
  • Top methods for off-balancing your opponent.
  • Common mistakes in the clinch.
  • Getting out of the body lock.
  • Primary knees inside the clinch.
  • Primary elbows inside the clinch.
  • Blocking and evading knees inside the clinch.


How do you put a price on such an exhaustive body of training knowledge and instruction? 

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The Most Logical Combinations

If you practice the most logical and widely-used combinations, you will instantly be the proud holder of your very own striking system that works. This module provides for you a broad roadmap outlining the most-commonly used combinations in all of Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

Its value? $50.



World-Class Striking Biomechanics Analysis and Athletic Development

Here I reveal the primary biomechanics intrinsic to each striking technique, and how to use specialized exercises to enhance your learning and the power of these techniques. 

There is absolutely no content like this out there. This knowledge – once hidden and only available to a privileged few – was only gleaned, expanded on and systemized after spending hundreds of hours with Dr. Michael Yessis personally. Now it is included in this course and only in this course. You will not find this anywhere else simply because no one else has ever done it.

Its value? More than $10,000 in mentorship fees.



Legendary Southpaw Mastery


Learn all the best southpaw tactics used to dominate Muay Thai and Kickboxing directly from “The Professor” himself, Petchpanomrung Kiatmoo9.

  • How to defend and counter all the best spinning techniques. 
  • 15+ detailed southpaw kicking tactics used against all styles.
  • 5+ southpaw punching tactics used against the best kickboxers in the world.
  • 5+ unique strategies on how to use Muay Thai in the Kickboxing arena.

Its value? When released in the future as an independent course: $197.



Legendary Striking Book With Videos

Each of the chapters in the highly anticipated book Legendary Striking will be included in this curriculum. The book itself will discuss and break down all of my favorite historic fights and techniques, and bring them together as a cohesive system. 

Its value with video embedded? $147.



Private Facebook Community

Get VIP access to a Facebook group wherein top coaches, fighters and analysts like myself will be active and available to you. Need informed answers to your striking questions? Want detailed feedback on your workout videos? Find it here.

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Access to Future Courses from Legends

We will be collaborating with many Legendary Strikers in the future course creation. You get early access to them by signing up for this Legendary Striking Founders launch. 

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Saenchai and Zhang Wei Li's Fight Camp Blueprint

Earlier this year, we helped Saenchai and UFC Strawweight Champion “Magnum” Zhang Wei Li prepare for her now-famous fight with Joanna Jędrzejczyk. Saenchai analyzed Joanna's tendencies and then helped developed for Zhang Wei Li the blueprint to defeating the Polish superstar.

There are techniques, tactics and strategies in this hour-long exclusive bonus that no one outside of this camp have ever seen. Even more impressively, Saenchai himself plans to use this in his own future curriculum.

Its value? A typical Saenchai seminar is about $300. A Saenchai-developed blueprint to winning a UFC championship belt must be worth more than $5,000.




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Our dream is that the training for which we advocate and are now preparing to disseminate for the first time ever becomes the de facto style of fight training across the globe. We want every striker to become a Legendary Striker.

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BUT… this price won’t last forever! During a very short window, Legendary Striking founding members will pay the insane price of just $497 (with a monthly payment plan option).

After the founders launch ends, it climbs to $997 for the official launch – still a great bargain.

After that, especially as new premium content is added, the final price hike will set a permanent price: $1497.

Ask yourself this: “Years from now, when I’m looking back, how am I going to feel if I missed the one and only opportunity to bring my striking to the next level, and to hone my body to be healthier and more athletic than ever before – just by signing up for the most comprehensive, simplest-to-execute, fool-proof striking course in existence… AND pay only a fraction of its current price?”

Remember this:, all successful people invest in themselves. What about you?Do you?

"Lawrence Kenshin is a striking genius. I am a big fan of his videos and analysis. He understands the nuances and intricacies of striking completely. And he breaks everything down in a simple, clean, and effective manner. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will always learn something new from his videos."

Chatri Sityodtong - The Most Influential Martial Artist in Asia
Founder of One Championship and the Premier Evolve MMA Camp

"Lawrence Kenshin is an amazing analyst... that guy is such a treasure and what he does is so important... He does a fantastic job of breaking down fights. If you're a fan of striking, and you want to understand it better, watch Lawrence's stuff... He really deserves a lot of credit for his work, I love watching his breakdowns!"

Joe Rogan - Martial Arts Ambassador
UFC Commentator, Taekwondo Champion, BJJ Black Belt, Host of The Joe Rogan Experience

"Lawrence Kenshin's videos are very good... If you're just watching a fight, you may think that these things done in the ring by myself or other Thai fighters are impossible to replicate. It's great to have all the moves I do in a fight actually slowed down and analyzed. In a Muay Thai fight, so much is happening that if you watch it in real time, it could just pass by without you really understanding what is going on, but by dissecting parts of the fight and with practice, you would be able to learn and emulate my moves more easily."

Saenchai - The Pound for Pound King of Muay Thai
13x World Champion, 5x Lumpinee Stadium Champion, 2x Fighter of the year

"Lawrence Kenshin is good, when my fights are in slow motion, you can understand how my knockouts are executed. Giving people a clearer picture and more in-depth knowledge about the sport is always going to be a good thing."

Buakaw - The Superstar Who Globalized Muay Thai
2x K-1 MAX Champion, 14x World Champion. The most decorated Thai kickboxer

"Lawrence raises excellent points and does excellent work on his articles and videos. He does amazing work. If you want to learn about the different styles and about the different techniques and strategies, his work are an excellent study for everyone."

Firas Zahabi - Premier MMA Coach
Muay Thai Champion, BJJ Blackbelt, Coach to GSP & Rory MacDonald

"Love Lawrence Kenshin's work. Take notes. "

Israel Adesanya - Undefeated & Undisputed Middleweight UFC Champion
Combined 106-5 Record In Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA

"Love Lawrence's work. His work is scary accurate, it's like he can read my mind! Keep up the great work."

Duke Roufus - Premier MMA Striking Coach
7x world champion, head coach to UFC Champions Tyrone Woodley and Anthony Pettis

Special Founders Launch Pricing

A special, one-time offer. This is the lowest that Legendary Striking’s price will ever go – a nearly 70% discount. Early founders will receive extra coaching support. Due to the extensive effort this program’s coaches will be putting out to provide that support, availability is limited to the first 100 customers to sign up – there are no exceptions due to our bandwidth.


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